Join us Friday, December 2nd at Stewarts Tree Service in Brooksville, Florida for Trees On the GO!, a one-day educational program produced by the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association. This year’s workshop will have a special focus on the new 2022 Florida Grades and Standards as well as the selection, production, handling and successful installation of palms and trees. Trees on the GO!! has partnered with Roots Plus Growers (RPG) to provide a hands-on outdoor workshop focused on the importance of quality trees in the success of our landscapes and urban forests. Our cities are growing rapidly but, if armed with the proper real-world strategies, landscape professionals can play an integral part in creating beautiful tree canopies for years to come. Speakers include Dr. Ed Gilman, Dr. Ryan Klein, John Conroy, Michael Marshall and Randy Stewart. This program will be an outside workshop format with hands-on demonstrations, lunch is included. Space is limited to the first 120 registrants. Registration information will be available later this summer at

Why you need RPG trees on your projects! 

As roots plus growers we guarantee our customers are buying the best quality hardened-off tree available. All of our trees are held until new roots develop and are ready to start growing into your landscape.

Roots Plus Growers (RPG) is an association of nurserymen from around the state of Florida who are committed to increasing the quality and public perception of field-grown trees. Their mission is three fold:

    • To guarantee the consumer they are buying a hardened-off field-grown tree
    • To share new ideas to continually improve tree quality
    • To sponsor research and educational programs

Hardening-off means the tree has been held in our nursery under optimum irrigation until new roots have begun to regenerate. (3-4 weeks minimum). These roots are ready to start growing into your landscape.

Look for the “ROOTS PLUS GROWERS” tag in your next shipment of trees to guarantee you are buying quality hardened-off field-grown trees.